Submission open from 2018-07-29 23:00:00 to 2018-08-05 19:00:00
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The Brief:

It's back. we're doing it again.

Your aim, as was last year, is to make a game that is 'So bad it's good'. The type of game which is by no means 'good', 'well-made' or 'polished', but has a unique charm to it. Make a game that doesn't need to be perfect, that doesn't need to be extravagant, but is jank to the point where it becomes enjoyable. 

To see what we came up with last time, the last jam can be found here:

The Criteria:

There are a few (loose) rules that may help you to get started

  • Rule 1: "It has to be fun to play" 

There is a sweet spot with these types of games. Games that are unplayable, or mediocre to the point of boredom, are not fun. In order to make a true SBIG game, there has to be a level of enjoyment. With that said, it is up to you exactly how you choose to achieve this

  • Rule 2: "It can be original or based off an existing IP"

- You can be as original or shamelessly unoriginal as you want. Just don't use any trademarked or copyrighted material. If you want to do an existing IP, at least think of a funny name for it. See Super Catch'Dem Munsters or Flying Bird Flyer Lazer Shoot and other stuff The Game for inspiration. 

  • Rule 3: "Use whatever engine, whatever genre, however many people"

- Just go nuts. If you want to make your game in Unity, Gamemaker, Unreal, Construct, do it. Hell, if you want to make a game for your TI-84 calculator, there's nothing stopping you. 
Just make a game you feel comfortable with. Or not. In fact, it turn out better if you take a risk. The only way you could fail is by not making a game at all. (Or if your game turns out too good, but it's not like that's gonna happen).

If you want to form a team, we also have a Crowdforge page in which you can meet new people.

Mixing it up?

There are a couple of changes since last year. For this year's jam, there will be a modifier. The modifier is just a theme or item that could be added for extra points. Currently, the modifier is unannounced, but it will be unveiled 2 days before the jam starts. You can use the modifier, choose to ignore it, or add it in such a convoluted way that it becomes charming. You do you.

Also, the voting system will be slightly different. Games will be judged on individual categories: 

  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Overall Bad
  • Overall Good
  • Modifier

Remember, the individual categories will be judged on whether they are so bad it's good. The voting isn't a measure of quality, but a measure of how well they fit the brief of the jam.


The top 5 winners will received a really bad steam game. Under 40% metacritic score guaranteed. There will also be another "best of the worst" compilation, and the overall winner can choose whether the bundle is free or paid, and if so, what charity the proceeds will be sent to. Last year's compilation can be found here.

We also have a discord server:

And that is all, Good luck everyone!