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The #SaveOGL Game Jam (August 2-4) is organised by the creative co-working space Core Loop Collective, with the help of Oulu Game LAB (OGL) alumni. The goals of the event, in addition to having fun and making kick-ass games, are as follows: 

1) to petition for the preservation of the Oulu Game LAB training programme in its current year-long format, and

2) to showcase the considerable benefits of Oulu Game LAB to Oulu’s industrial growth and to the community as a whole.

During its six years of operation, Oulu Game LAB is estimated to have birthed at least 20 new game companies in the Oulu region… and counting! Oulu Game LAB is a high-quality innovation incubator and learning institution, and its ground-breaking operating model has been replicated in several other countries, including Belgium, the UAE, Japan and Nepal.

The Oulu University of Applied Sciences has made a decision to repurpose and reduce OGL down to a semester-long course as a compulsory part of their ICT programme, with fewer resources and opportunities for real entrepreneurial experimentation and empowerment. We consider these changes to be contradictory to Oulu’s image as an innovative and business-friendly centre of culture and technology.

It is our wish that the administration of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences reconsider their designs for OGL’s future. We invite all past and present OGL students, members of the Oulu game industry as well as anyone and everyone with an interest in game development to jam with us! All games created during the #SaveOGL weekend will be uploaded onto as a testament to Oulu Game LAB’s positive impact on its attendees’ game-making skills.


“Game Education is extremely important in order to sustain the growth and competitiveness of the local industry. At its core, education should be the one that pushes the boundaries of industries, allowing students to experiment in a safe environment different solutions to future problems.

We at OGL believe that in order to achieve such success - education needs to be disruptive. As the world is revolving more and more around technologies working together, interdisciplinary education is increasingly more important. We need to support innovation, creativity and economic growth by empowering students to think and experiment in a safe environment. And lastly, education needs to be connected to the industry so that it doesn't lag behind. If possible, education, should be in the center of the game industry hub so that it can iterate quickly based on the needs but also be part and help the growth of the community.”

(SOURCE: Oulu Game LAB website,

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