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Hello there and welcome! The Save Room Jam is a light-hearted game-making event where the goal is to create a small game just for the fun of it,  open for anyone who wants to participate. Participants will be given around 1 month to create any kind of game or interactive media they want, based on the current theme. You can see this jam as a guided excuse to be creative!

The theme is...

RPG Spoof!

Choose a classic RPG game or franchise and reinvent it in your own weird way! It could be a comedic parody of Final Fantasy, a bootleg version of Earthbound for a console that never existed, a wild reinterpretation of Persona in a different genre... you name it! The only requirement is to base your game on an existing game or series.


  • You are free to use any assets or code, as long as they are your own or properly licensed.
  • You can start creating your game before the submission period starts, that time exists only to give some breathing room.
  • Any game engines or game genres are allowed, including the option to make analog games or interactive media.
  • Working on a team is allowed, as well as working on multiple projects.
  • There will be no ranking or voting. Everyone is a winner and the prize is having made a game. Yay!
  • Include a heads up If your game features sensible subjects such as excessive violence, nudity, etc.
  • Stay polite! Refrain from submitting games that purposefully disseminate hateful and discriminatory messages.


We have a Discord server where you can get help, show your progress, find teammates or just chat. Join us!

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This is just a teaser
A little rpg for the Save Room Game Jam-RPG Spoof Edition
Role Playing