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Salve Game Jam Theme: Mercenários (Mercenaries)

Salve Game Jam is hosted by dbr (
Its a jam to have fun and show the work of awesome indie devs on stream (Brazilian stream).

  • No NSWF content / No offensive content
  • Only assets made by you or your team!
  • Only 2D 
  • Team size 1-5 members
  • Game Must be free to play
  • Use  theme
  • Use any engine of your choice
  • Have fun


  • Controls
  • Visual Experience
  • Audio Experience
  • Creativity
  • Fun
  • Relevance to the Theme
  • Overall


dbr (
Mike (viewer from dbr)
Valerinha (dbr's waifu)


1st Place:
- R$ 20,00 (BRL) For the team
- 5.000.000px Per member

2nd Place:
-  2.500.000px Per member

3rd Place:
- 1.000.000px Per member

PS¹: px (Pixels) its a currency from the channel where you can trade for Steam Keys and other stuff :).
PS²: The prizes will be send to the leader of the team (represented by the project submiter)

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