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Running from March 1st through March 4th, revisit your past incomplete games and salvage them in #SalvageJam!

a game jam where you find the oldest buggiest unfinished piece of trash you ever didn't release (or kept the design documents of) and turn it into something
— trashymctrashboy (@moshboy) December 29, 2017

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Remember back when you weren't very good at making games? Did you happen to save any artifacts of that time? Design documents, code, maybe even a half-completed misguided masterpiece? This is your chance to revisit those trash gems, and let them shine.

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A few rules for #SalvageJam

  • There is no voting. We are here to explore and appreciate our abilities to salvage old work.
  • There is no theme. Since we're salvaging old projects, it'll be impossible to impose a theme that fits them all.
  • Your jam game must involve a past game of yours. The stage of completion doesn't matter as long as it's not completed. 
    • It can be a prototype.
    • It can be a game idea.
    • It can be an abandoned project.
    • But you should have put some work into it before: be it code, art, design, or else.
  • Play nice, be kind, enjoy trash <3

BONUS: When you upload your finished #SalvageJam game, also drop a link to the original abandoned game that inspired it! 

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Need a hand? Crowd Forge has set up a team builder page for anyone interested in providing (or seeking) help on their Salvage Jam games: