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Running from March 1st through March 4th, revisit your past incomplete games and salvage them in #SalvageJam!

a game jam where you find the oldest buggiest unfinished piece of trash you ever didn't release (or kept the design documents of) and turn it into something
— trashymctrashboy (@moshboy) December 29, 2017

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Remember back when you weren't very good at making games? Did you happen to save any artifacts of that time? Design documents, code, maybe even a half-completed misguided masterpiece? This is your chance to revisit those trash gems, and let them shine.

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♻️  A few rules for #SalvageJam ♻️

  • There is no voting. We are here to explore and appreciate our abilities to salvage old work.
  • There is no theme. Since we're salvaging old projects, it'll be impossible to impose a theme that fits them all.
  • Your jam game must involve a past game of yours. The stage of completion doesn't matter as long as it's not completed. 
    • It can be a prototype.
    • It can be a game idea.
    • It can be an abandoned project.
    • But you should have put some work into it before: be it code, art, design, or else.
  • Play nice, be kind, enjoy trash <3

BONUS: When you upload your finished #SalvageJam game, also drop a link to the original abandoned game that inspired it! 

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♻️  SalvageJam Games at Bar SK ♻️

Your #SalvageJam game could be shown at Bar SK!

Hello! I’m Louie, I run Bar SK, and I’d love to give a public platform to a selection of games from #SalvageJam! Once the jam has ended, I’ll go through the games and contact you individually if your game is a good fit. It could show for a night, or a week, or two weeks, who knows!

What shows well at Bar SK? Let’s break it down into 4 criteria.

  • Simplicity! The less complicated your game is, the easier it is for people to understand, and the easier it is to showcase. 
  • Interesting! I love to show things that aren't traditional or regular or videogamey; I like to show things with a message, where you can understand why the creator made it.
  • Pretty! I don’t mean realistic graphics or anything that will break my tiny computers. I mean games that will look good on a big projector: bold and colorful, easy to understand from a distance, and eye catching from the street. This unfortunately excludes a lot of basic text based games, but it is definitely possible to make text eye catching!
  • Exhibition format! No exit button or option, the fewest controls possible (don’t make me use the mouse for the main menu if the game is all keyboard), multiple control inputs (if you use gamepad, add keyboard inputs as well pls), time out/auto restart, minimize non-play player choices (level select screen? Just randomize it instead!).

I’ve broken these rules before, but there were always reasons to do so. For instance, I’ve shown an overly complicated game because that was the point of the game, and it was great. Keep in mind that these 4 criteria don’t build to the perfect game, they’re just things to consider while you’re shaping your #SalvageJam salvaged games. I’m not looking for good games; I’m looking for things that show the other side of videogames, and more importantly, things with personality, where you can see the person who made it sitting on the other side of the screen, crafting this game with their bare hands.

If you have any questions, please reach out and I’ll happily answer! @SK_Louie

Good luck salvaging!

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♻️  Crowd Forge Team Builder ♻️

 Need a hand? Crowd Forge has set up a team builder page for anyone interested in providing (or seeking) help on their Salvage Jam games:

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White-knuckle speed-Pac-Man.
Live the hardships of an ASMR entertainer.
Slapstick comedy physics game where you're a magnet who has trouble letting go of things.
What if a dating sim... was a shooter?
An endless runner with a twist
A game about walking around and finding things and trying to stay alive.
Interactive Fiction
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Slice-of-life RPG game with anthropomorphic characters.
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Platforming done awful. *Warning--loud*
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jumping jumps
Explore the Ludus Nebula!
This game was made for the SalvageJam Game jam (1st - 4th March 2018)