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Join Saltworld

If you're new to SW and you're a creative type then you should stick around. The team who developed Barkley and are developing Barkley 2 rose from their humble RPG Maker beginnings here in years past and we are host to some other wonderful lurking oddities. We figured we would attempt a community revival through the art of game-jam so we hope you approve!

The Details

  1. It’s from Saturday 14th to Sunday 22nd September.
  2. You can work by yourself or with as many pals as you like.
  3. Submissions more substantial than gimmick-games are encouraged but not mandatory.
  4. We encourage you to post screenshots of your work in progress to the forum thread.
  5. Make as many original resources as you can whilst using an honorably minimal amount of pre-competition content.
  6. Sign up by posting to the forum thread

The loose theme is spooky halloween and you must name your game after a racehorse.

The winning submission will be decided by forum vote when people have had long enough to play enough games to vote fairly.


Win this 3d printed trophy:

The Games

a short point & click adventure story by Anatola Howard
Authentic mystery programming near you.
halloween horrorventure murder country
Collect the gas and avoid the monsters!
entry for saltw-jam1 http://itch.io/jam/saltw
Play in browser
unfinished saltw jam game
Optimised for controller
Graph Theory With Skulls
Pumpkin Moonshine