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Welcome to the first ever SAIC x Columbia x DePaul Game Jam, the official game jam of the JDE! Meet and mingle with students/alumni from any college while competing in our friendly game jam. Open to current students and alumni! Help strengthen the school’s bonds while growing as a developer through an experience like no other!


  • August 4, 8:00am - 10:00pm
  • August 5,  8:00am - 6:00pm
  • June 6, 12:00pm - 6:00pm


EMPATHY (Please reference iThrive Games document in Google Drive)


  • ACCESSIBILITY - Let me see: Game has customizable colors, allowing players to change the aesthetics and contrast to their own preferences
  • ART - My eyes are my ears: All sounds must be visualized in some form. This game shouldn't provide any less informational feedback to a player that would normally be able to hear
  • AUDIO - Toot Your Own Horn: Sounds and music must all come from acoustic or real-world sources - no synthesizers or computer-generated sounds
  • AUDIO - A Bold Choice: Compose the music in a style that is completely unexpected for your game
  • CODE - So Sociable: Build a game that uses a social network API
  • DESIGN - Power down: Losing abilities is the only way for your player to progress
  • DESIGN - Look back: Create a game which uses retro controllers of any type. No modern controllers!
  • DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett: Your game contains some kind of hidden secret or Easter egg.
  • NARRATIVE - Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story: Gameplay must take place from the point of view of a non player character.
  • NARRATIVE - Epistolary: Game must be completely in the form of a series of documents such as letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings, etc.
  • NARRATIVE - Say That Again: Tell the story in your game using only a made-up language, including in game text, narration and/or voiceover.


The top three teams will receive the following!

1st - Copy of Funk Unplugged & Showcase slot at our JDE Summer Showcase,

2nd - Unity In Action Book & Showcase slot at our JDE Summer Showcase

3rd - Showcase slot at our JDE Summer Showcase.

Discord Channel

Do you want a SOCIAL jam experience? Hop on into the JDE - Discord to showcase your progress and chat with other developers while you crank out your UNRULY MASTERPIECE! It's open 24/7, and you don't even need shoes to get in. You can join the Discord any time, even long before the Jam starts, and you can stay as long as you like afterwards, too!

Team Formation

Its SUPER encouraged to mingle between colleges! It's not that often we have so many passionate developers from Chicago making cool games together. Just remember to keep your teams as small as possible (we recommend 1-5, at max)!


  • Sarah Sexton - As a Software Engineer at Microsoft her focus areas include Mixed Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks, Game Dev, Mobile App Dev, and Web Dev. Co-founder of the Voxelles: Chicago’s Women in Game Development, a group committed to highlighting strengths and helping underrepresented demographics get involved in game development.
  • John Groot - After graduating from DePaul University, he is a gameplay programmer currently working at Phosphor Studios. Before that he worked as a programmer and designer at Robomodo & was part of the team that created That Blooming Feeling which was featured at Indiecade 2017 and got an honorable mention nod at IGF 2018.
  • Ali Cedroni - Currently a freelance Sound Designer finishing her last month at Jellyvision labs before moving to Oslo Norway to freelance full time. She graduated from Columbia College studying audio for games, film, and music.

Available Labs

During this jam we have three rooms available! If you have a laptop or equipment then please bring it!

  • CDM Lab 924 (Large Laptop Room & Conference Room)
  • CDM Lab 725 (Computer & Laptop Room)
  • CDM Lab 707 (Computer & Laptop Room)


Is your hobby shouting into the void of the internet, hoping to acquire the transient attention of complete strangers? Then we've got a hashtag READY FOR THE TAKING! Use our custom, hand-crafted hashtag, #JDE, and acquire those sweet, sweet, life-affirming little pink hearts!


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Fil is a turned-based-RPG, with the theme based around Empathy.
Role Playing
Columbia x DePaul Game Jam
Game made for the SAIC x Columbia x Depaul Game Jam, hosted by the JDE.
Trade emotional melodies with customers to make their day a little brighter!
Interactive Fiction