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Good day everyone!

Filip of Ordoalea here. During the past 3 years that I have been developing the Domains Horror Roleplaying System I was utterly confused how most of the horror games I played didn't have safety tools in their rulebooks. I never understood how you could do a good and cathartic horror experience without them. So I made my own game, with safety tools and post game debrief!

And I want that kind of experience for the stories in my game system. So this is why I made this jam. The point of this Jam is to make the players induce their own safely guided bleed in a really weird, nightmarish and cathartic game. This will be done by including the safety tools in the story itself, well the GM part of the story that is.

What would the point be? To have a safe bubble in which you as the player are ok with being scared!

Every entry for this Jam should be a short story, or one-shot if you wish to call it that way, for the Domains Horror Roleplaying System. I will provide everyone who joins this jam with the Core Rulebook for the system free of charge!

Why? As that's the experience I'm going for, and that's how I want the system to be shaped!

The judging criteria will be as following:

1) How nightmarish it is?
2) How everyday the start looks?
3) How much thought is put into safety tools for the scenes?
4) How much of the story is up to the players to make?
5) How much physical, mental, and spiritual degradation the characters face?

Judging will be done by anyone in the community according to these rules, amplifying the idea that I have for the system!

The Jam's submissions will be open FROM the 1st, but all are welcome to join the jam now to get their Core Rulebook upfront!

The winning story will be the one that has the the most votes in all categories. The remaining will be listed as Best In Category.

The winner will receive a 20€ "coupon" from me. Which basically can be redeemed as a bought game, bundle, combination of games, or even paypal transfer if wanted.

All works belong to their respective writers, and they have FULL rights over them!


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