This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-09-25 16:00:00 to 2020-09-28 21:59:00. View 25 entries

SA GAME JAM is an annual competition sponsored by Free Lives. Our mission is to encourage more South Africans to try their hand at game making, and to support emerging and established developers. A rising tide raises all ships, you know? Whether you’re a first timer or an old timer, SA GAME JAM is for you!

Although you can chat to the other teams here on itch, you can also connect with everyone from the Make Games SA community on the Discord Server.That's were most of the conversations are happening! 

This year, we've enlisted the help of some experienced developers who will host a series of workshops as we get closer to the jam. Look out for these on the MGSA Discord Server.

The competition is national, so feel free to enter from all corners of South Africa. We’re super excited to welcome new game makers to the competition, so ENTER ENTER ENTER!


Please indicate in your submission what level you're participating in (student, hobbyist or professional), and whether you would like to be considered for the diversity prize.

Student (currently studying in any field): R3 000

Hobbyist (not working in the game development industry): R3 000

Diversity (please contact admins for clarity): R3 000

Best Art: R2 500

Best Audio: R2 500

Technical Excellence: R2 500

Best Narrative: R2 500

Overall Winner: R5 000


1.Competition starts on 25 September 2020

2. Deadline for entries:

27 September 2020, 20:00 (UTC+2) for 48 hour entries. 

28 September 2020, 20:00 (UTC +2) for 72 hour entries

(Please note in your entry, whether it is a 48 or 72 hour project)

3. You can enter as an individual or as a team.

4. To be eligible to win any of the prizes, your team has to play and give feedback to five other entries by Monday, 5th October 2020

5. Use whichever language, tool or development system you are comfortable in.

6. Your game must contain all files needed for it to run and should not require other bulky systems to be downloaded or installed, exceptions are browser plugins like Flash and self-contained DLLs distributed with the game.

7. While any fixes post-jam will be taken into account, the version submitted at the time of the deadline will be played and judged, so make sure it is PLAYABLE WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION NOT CONTAINED IN THE GAME.

8. Competition is open to entry for South African residents.

9. You retain all copyright to your work.

10. The illegal use of copyrighted material will not be tolerated. Do not steal!

11. All risk or liability in case of copyright infringement or other legal issue resides with the entrant, Free Lives and MGSA takes no responsibility for entered games.

12. The judges’ decision is final and no negotiation will be entered into.


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Dodgeball with an old school feel
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twine game about a teenage girl suffering from addiction issues (made for SA game jam 72 hour submission)
Interactive Fiction
Entry for SA Game Jam 2020 (48 Hour - Hobbyist Category)
You're really flirting with death now...
Interactive Fiction
A descent into confusion. SA Game Jam 2020 entry.
Interactive Fiction
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Returning from the Brink
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
Online Multiplayer Rocket Racing!
Play in browser
The king has taken you prisoner, Necromancer. Bring his subjects back from the dead if you want to live.
A cute potion crafting game about keeping up with payments to keep your business afloat.
Climb a mountain. Avoid despair.
The rad witch collects radishes to save her village from the brink of catastrophe.
Shoot the asteroids and save the dinosaurs from the brink of extinction.
"Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced" - Soren Kierkegaas
Entry for SA Game Jam 2020 (48 Hour - Hobbyist Category)
Reach the top of the volcano to rescue
Repair your vital space station buildings while destroying invading bombers!
A small RTS game with doggos and building
A game about protecting the mysterious merchant and surviving the onslaught of enemies!
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This is my entry for the SA Game Jam 2020: Returning From The Brink
First-Person Platformer game where the player has the ability to rewind time
A story-driven text horror game with branching narrative.
Interactive Fiction