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Welcome to the third Rust programming language game jam! Rust allows developers to build safe, efficient, and reliable software, especially when it comes to game development. You can learn more about the Rust ecosystem for game development at arewegameyet.

This jam focuses more on using Rust than anything else. That means you aren't restricted on your design, music, or graphics, as long as you use Rust to make it! However, there is a theme to follow, and some modifiers to try if you like.                                 


The theme for this jam is: Hidden in Plain Sight


  • All of your code must be written only in Rust, or use Rust crates/frameworks/tools. Rust bindings of non-Rust engines are fine too.
  • Your submissions must include an open-source license.
  • No NSFW submissions
  • When communicating in any Rusty Jam social areas (submissions, Discord, or otherwise), you MUST follow the Hacker Code of Conduct


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A colorful puzzle strategy game for the GBA
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A turn-based game about kittens that boop each other.
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