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RTP Only Game Jam

(RPG Maker)

Imagine making a game with using only what was included with the RPG Maker engines.  You will have three weeks to make a game, that has only RTP assets.  That means that custom images, custom sounds and music, animations, etc., are to only come from the game engine.  Nothing is to be added to the folders of the game engine.  Custom made scripts and plugins are not allowed.  The only RPG Maker MV plugins that are allowed are the ones that game with it: AltMenuScreen, AltSaveScreen, CommunityBasic, EnemyBook, ItemBook, Made with MV, SimpleMsgSideView, TitleCommandPosition, and WeaponSkill.  DLC's are not allowed.  Do mot use Season Pass items, due to them being considered DLC's.  Yes, you may use the Character Generator, that is included in the original engines.  Script calls are allowed in the events. Do not mix RTPs from different engines.  Edits to the RTP are not allowed.  The original RPG Maker scripts cannot be edited.  The theme is:  Unexpected Hero.

Game Jam Rules, in addition to those stated above:

1.  Game must be made during the game jam.  Previously made projects are not allowed.

2.  Hate speech and profanity are not allowed.

3.  Blood and gore are not allowed.

4.  Storylines must be at PG13 or lower (PG13 is somewhere between E10 and T).

5.  Teams are allowed.  Developer that submits game/games decides on what prize/prizes are desired, if prize is won.

6.  Limit 2 games per team.  A soloist game developer is considered a team of one. A person may be on two separate teams. 

7. Windows deployment is required.  Other deployment options are optional. 

8. The game must be set up as free to play.


1. Loot Rascals AND Loot Rascals Soundtrack 

2. Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition 

3. Out of the Park 18

4. The Bard's Tale 

5. RPG Maker VX Ace -Action Battle Themes 

6.  RPG Maker VX Ace - Time Fantasy AND Time Famtasy - Monsters 

7. RPG Maker VX 

8. RPG Maker XP

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