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RPI Game Dev Club invites you to join our game jam!

Our game jams are open to any member of the Troy community, especially those at RPI. We start at 2pm in Sage 2510, where you can meet and team up with other jammers. The theme is announced at the beginning of the jam in person as well as on our social media accounts. You will have 24 hours (max) to make your game and submit it to At 2pm the next day, we will meet in the same room to present games, and afterwards our professional judges will give you feedback.

This is our first jam on, so if you've been to our jams before, please take extra care to note our rules and familiarize yourself with the jam system.

Theme: The End

UPDATE: Because so many people are having trouble finding time to work only on the game this weekend, we're adding a "development time" field to the game submissions. We will take development time into account when presenting.


  • All games must be created during the time of the jam
    • No previously made games allowed.
      • This includes partly-finished work.
  • Submitted games must be playable on your chosen demo platform (probably Windows)
    • No project files, just the binary and other resources
    • No external dependencies for the binary besides easily obtainable runtimes (if it needs more than one installer or any manual tweaking, it's out)
  • When presenting, you must present the build of the game you submitted to
  • Your game is only eligible for judging/prizes if the team presents their game in person.
    • You may vote for games that don't show up to present of course.
  • You will have 5 minutes to present your game. We will try to be more strict than usual to be fair to other presenters.
  • Be courteous towards other jammers.
  • Be professional when presenting your game.


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A skinner's box wrapped up in a metaphor.