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RPI Game Dev Club invites you to join our game jam!

Our game jams are open to any member of the Troy community, especially those at RPI. We start at 2pm on Saturday the 11th. The theme is announced at the beginning of the jam on this page and on our social media accounts. You will have until Midnight on Sunday the 19th to make your game and submit it to At our next club meeting (8pm on Wednesday, March 22nd in Sage 2510), we will meet to present games and conclude voting, so you can get feedback in person.

This jam is a bit different than our usual since it will be taking place over a week (of vacation, no less!) instead of a weekend and will have fully online voting. While you may not be able to talk with other jammers in person, we encourage you to use our Discord channel as a place for discussions about the jam and finding potential teammates!

Please take extra care to note our rules and familiarize yourself with the jam system. Note that to submit games, you must make an page for your jam that's not marked as a draft or as private, and you must return to this jam page to select the page you made. If you create a page after being redirected by the submission link here, the page you make will not automatically be submitted, and you must return here to submit. You can see all of the submissions before the jam ends, and your game should show up in that list.

Theme: "medium"


  • All games must be created during the time of the jam
    • No previously made games allowed.
      • This includes partly-finished work.
    • Late submissions are not allowed. Submit earlier than the deadline to ensure everything goes well. Verify that your game shows up on the list of submissions on the jam page.
  • Submitted games must be playable on at least one platform, preferably Windows.
    • No project files, just a .zip of the game executable and other resources. If you're using Unity, don't forget the resource folder that is exported with your standalone build. Test your archived files in an isolated directory to make sure everything works.
    • No external dependencies for the executable besides easily obtainable runtimes (if it needs more than one installer or any manual tweaking, it's out)
      • As a guideline, the more decorated your page looks, the more people will want to try your game. Think about this when budgeting your time!
  • Be courteous towards other jammers.
  • Be professional if you present your game.
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Now you too can be a starving artist on the streets of your favorite tourist city!
A garbage game about knocking each other off a platform