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You can start your game at anytime of the week, but you must make it in 1 hour!

You can think about your game in advance, or start directly and trust your instincts.

You must create this game in a new project, from scratch.

If you don't want to use the included assets, you can download & import other assets before launching your timer.

If you want to create personal resources for this game (eg draw your own tileset), you'll have to make them during the hour!


Avoid random encounters. You don't need to artificially lengthen the duration of your game. Random unbalanced fights can be painful.

Use a timer to easily manage your breaks. There's nothing like a snack to get you back on track.

Don't be afraid to rush your game. This isn't about releasing a professional game. Some pieces are missing, some bugs aren't fixed? Upload it anyway! That's what we want to see, creativity in its raw state, produced in sweat and tears. Pure art!

If you're using RPG Maker MV, take advantage of the web exporter to make your game more convenient to try.


Take advantage of this challenge to work on a completely different type of setting/mood and stimulate your creativity in a new way! Take a look at the assets on and OpenGameArt to get inspired.

If you want to, record your screen while you perform the challenge, so that everyone can admire your tenacity. You could even stream it!

Chat with us

This jam is hosted by mods of the french community @RPG Maker Alliance.

We have a Discord server with an English channel, which can get pretty active when we're doing jams! You can show us your progress and ask us anything there. Have fun!


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À bord de votre vaisseau spatial, esquivez les obstacles et ramassez les étoiles afin d'augmenter votre score !
A classic RPG with instant battles made in 1h.
Role Playing
- Here, take my hand...and you'll be free - (1H JAM)
Visual Novel
La suite d'une aventure au centre de la folie.
Jeu créé pour la RPG Maker Jam 1hour 2
A non-optimized project where I test somethin'
A runner made in an hour
Incarner un simple serveur sous-payé, dans ce petit jeu.
Un garçon cherche désespéremment son amie disparue...
Role Playing
Play in browser
A monochrome world where only Silence and Sound reign.
Visual Novel
Recover the crystal and save the town!
Role Playing
Daniel est la victime de son école de magie. Gontrand, la ptite caillera, lui a volé ses runes de feu. Retrouvez-les !
Interactive Fiction
Made for 1 Hour Game Jam
Role Playing
Suivez les rails jusqu'au pays du Père Noël
When you don't have time for a 60 hour game