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The RPG-Talk community has voted on the community game jam theme, and this time it's THE LOST CITY!

Entries are not restricted to creating a new system. Feel free to design anything tabletop RPG related that deals with this theme: adventures, characters, essays, drawings, games that fit on baseball cards, or other ideas all welcome and encouraged. To discuss, give feedback, and playtest entries, join the RPG-Talk discord community! Winners will be decided by a community vote held in the discord after the submission period is over. In addition, all participants will be entered into a raffle to win a prize.


In order to be eligible for prizes, entries must be submitted to the #contest_design channel in our discord and freely available  (whether it be via a link to a PDF in the discord, a sale, or community copies) during the community voting period one week after the jam.

1st place: $15 gift card to 2nd place: $10 gift card to Participant Raffle winner: $5 gift card to Note: In the event of ties, prize distribution may be modified at moderator discretion.

The images for this game jam were made using free stock photos: 

Photo by nokting Je on Unsplash

Photo by N. on Unsplash

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Create short stories of hidden lands in fictional worlds in this solo ttrpg
A solo TTRPG based on exploration, archeology, sense of duty and weird objects
Here's another lost city building tool for your tabletop RPGs, though more focused on a story.
A solo poetry writing game