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Hello again, creators, and welcome to the third rendition of RPG Mania!

RPGs like Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Chrono Trigger have stood the test of time. With sprawling worlds, unique characters and epic tales of world-ending cataclysm, this genre has always opened up so many possibilities for fantastic story-telling and intuitive gameplay.

My challenge once again to all of you is to work alone or find a team (bring your friends, the more the merrier!) and create an RPG during the jam period. You can use any game engine that you have at your disposal (Unity, Unreal, Godot, RPG Maker, etc.) and the style can be whatever you choose, be it 2D, pixel art, 3D - the world is yours to design.

This jam will last for two months, with a two week voting period taking place after the submission period ends. On top of this, there are a few minor changes to the guidelines which you'll see below.


- If you've been working on a jam submission for previous iterations of RPG Mania, you are free to continue those and submit them for this one! So whether you want to start fresh or polish up what you have, shoot for the stars! Any original assets must be created during RPG Mania, but you can do as much pre-production and concepting as you want outside of the jam period. You can also use any assets that are available to the public or that you have proper licensing for.

- Submissions must be done specifically for RPG Mania. You can participate in more than one game for this jam if you wish, but if you submit your game to multiple jams it will be disqualified/removed.

- All game submissions must be free to download and play until after the voting period is over. After the voting period is finished, you are free to do what you want with your game.

- Final submissions will ideally feature an introduction to the main characters of the game and a general idea of the game's direction, but by no means do they need to be complete. You can make a game with a battle system as robust or limited as you wish, or solely focus on narrative. The choice is yours!

The optional theme for RPGM III is DEATH IS NOT THE END.

Join our Discord server and find a team today! You can place your vote for the optional theme here, which will be announced closer to the jam start. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. Good luck!


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A Rogue-Lite, Bullet hell-Bullet heaven game. Kill enemies, Die, Get Stronger and Kill more Enemies
Will you escape the soul prison?
Role Playing
First-person RPG Adventure
A hardcore turn-based RPG
Role Playing
A roguelike dungeon-crawler RPG
Role Playing
When its cold... and when its dark... the freezing moon will obsess you!
Role Playing
Turn-based dungeon crawling RPG in a post-apocalyptic world
Role Playing
Role Playing
Play in browser
A journey into the cold, cruel tundra.
Role Playing
Fight for a tenth life in a JRPG tournament
Role Playing