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RPG Architect Spring Jam

Spring is in the air and it is time to clean your mind of all the game ideas that have accumulated in the corners of your head this winter.  

Theme: Breaking limits and boundaries

Sub-missions: Two World - Your game should contain at least 2 locations vastly different from each other.


  • Game must be at least 5 minutes in playtime
  • no NSFW games
  • Teams allowed

Prizes: TBA

What is RPG Architect?

RPG Architect is a next-generation hobbyist game maker that can build a 2D or 3D world, with all of the limitations removed.

The goal of RPG Architect is three-fold:

  • Allow architects to change and design nearly everything about their game.
  • Allow architects to design without limitations.
  • Constantly evolve and grow with the community for the duration of the product’s lifetime.

RPG Architect is designed to remove application limitations.  If you don’t like a user interface, change it.  Customize the battle system.  Adjust character statistics.  Create your own inventory systems.

One of the guiding principles of RPG Architect is to remove limitations.  As such, there are no arbitrary numeric limitations on the number of map layers, equipment, characters, and so forth.

You’re the architect.  Start designing without limitations!

Get your copy of RPG Architect here and join the RPG Revolution!

Create your own assets, or use ours!

Each copy of RPG Architect comes bundled with an elaborate RTP, featuring assets by finalbossblues, Bit By Bit Sound, Noobk and Saint Edwards Games. That way you can jump in and start using the engine immediately!









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Hike into a forgotten world.
Teleport between worlds and escape to safety!
See you soon Mister