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Welcome to the first ever ROTTEN! Game Jam!  To kick off the new school year we're gonna have fun making some downright rotten games!  Have fun messing around with new or familiar tools, make some new friends, get wildly creative, and make the best mistake the world has ever seen!

The goal of this game jam is just to have fun creating and to embrace failure.  The goal is to make the worst (most ROTTEN!) game you can!  It's important to note here, though, that being "ROTTEN!" means being bad with good intentions.  Under no circumstances should your "bad game" be offensive or disrespectful or distasteful.  This game jam is meant to be fun, not nauseating.

Games of all kind, including analog games, are accepted!  If you want to submit an analog game, there's a field to submit a URL, so just send in a YouTube video of you explaining and playing the game.  (Or if we know you in real life feel free to just show us.)  Or just show your friends the game you made and tell them you won.

The game jam will take place on Saturday the 31st of August for the full 24 hour duration of that day (Pacific time), though submissions will be open an extra 12 hours before and after that time, to make sure that you don't feel pressured to lose sleep and so that if you need to start early or late you can.  Voting will last until 1:00pm the Monday after the jam, and voting is open to anyone.

The categories you can vote for are as follows:  "Most ROTTEN! game" (That's the main one!), "Overall best game," "Most creative game," "Most flavorful game," and "'I want that on a T-shirt!'"

There's no prize for this game jam other than glory and fun, but who knows, maybe I'll go get some snacks from Trader Joe's or something?? owo

So in summary:  24 hours on Saturday to make an intentionally bad game!  Have fun, chill out, get creative, make friends!

So have fun, get creative, and make some deliciously ROTTEN! games!!!


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They said it couldn't be done. They were wrong.
An adventure of epic purrportions.
"Amazing rpg" : I-want-to-die-inc
Shamble toward your goal, it's okay.
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