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Welcome to the third ODG Game Jam!


The ODG Role Play Game Jam Theme is The 1980's!
A decade full of synthesizers, awful hair, terrible fashion, bright colors and great classic video games.
Make an RPG based in some way on or in the 1980's. How you do that, is compeletely up to you! 

Role Playing Games  are (here at ODG anyways) some of our favorite games. The feeling of being someone else for a short while is what makes them so great. In this jam, your mission is to create an RPG based on the theme. Just like with every game jam, the theme will be announced on the day the jam starts! 

You are free to use whatever engine you want to, and working in teams is encouraged!


- No NSFW Games

- Please do not use other people's work without their permission.

- All assets must be created during this Game Jam.  Using previously created assets is not allowed.

-Entries can be in both Downloadable and Web formats.

Who Can Enter?

Everybody is allowed to participate in this jam! It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner, or a seasoned professional, Game Dev is for everyone! We want to be transported to another world!

Some Helpful Things!

ODG Game Jam Discord:


The winner will have their name added to the winners section of the ODG Mobile App (Currently being developed), receive a Champion role on our discord server, and have the option (If they wish) to have their game published to our Google Play store page! 

*To be eligible for publish, the winning game must contain only original assets, or be licensed for publishing by the original creator. 

*Please note you can only win the jam if you are a member of the Discord. 

The Published Game From The Previous Jam!

 This game jam will run for a week, starting on the 10th of May at 12PM GMT+1, and going until the 17th of May at 12PM GMT+1. Voting will conclude, and the results will be available on the 24th of May at 12PM GMT+1. After that, the ODG Judges will look at the top 5 and determine a winner on the ODG Game Jam Server!

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A Cold War game based on the Nintendo NES, realeased in 1983.
Aliens have taken over the elementary school. Beat them up!
Role Playing