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#Come and jam with ROCIA with for the weekend!

New or old, game jams are a great way to hone your game development skills and learn about the entire process of creating a game from start to end.

ROCIA will be happy to have you at location for all 48 hours.


A theme will be chosen randomly on Friday from a pool of suggestions, and will be entirely optional!

Theme: Don't touch red!


1) You may work solo or in a team.
2) You may work on multiple teams.
3) Your game may use publicly available libraries (i.e. github), frameworks (i.e. love) and engines (i.e. unity).
4) You may use your own private libraries or art, as long you declare them by posting links to the source on this event.
5) You may use any previously made assets so long as they are publicly available. (e.g.,

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An ice cube gets sucked into an interdimensional rift and transported to hell.