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Hello there, General Kenobi!

I recently made my very own "RNG" (Random Name Generator). You can check it out here:

For this jam, you will have to make a game based around a random name generated by it! You can also use other RNGs, but be sure to link to them while submitting. Here are some examples:

Optional themes:

  • Random
  • A Wall
  • Minimalist


  • The title of your game should be generated by this RNG, or another one if you prefer. Just make sure to link to it when you submit.
  • You may change a word or two, add a "the" or remove an adjective, but try to stay as close as possible to the original title.
  • You must make the entire game within the designated time, however you may choose the name and start designing beforehand.
  • All assets must be made by you, or you must own the rights to use them.
  • You preserve all the rights to your game. You made it, you keep it.
  • You can work in teams of whatever size you like.
  • No NSFW.
  • If you want to submit it after the deadline, let me know (preferably on Discord).
  • After submission period is over, don't update your game unless you're removing a game-breaking bug or adding a new platform.
  • Remember to vote on entries and give feedback to other jammers during voting period.
  • VOTE FAIRLY! Please don't 1-star other entries and 5-star yours using alternate accounts. We rely on fairness here.

These are the voting criteria:

  • Gameplay (PRIMARY) - Is the way of playing interesting? Fun? New?
  • Innovation - Did the developer try something new that hasn't been done before?
  • Game Feel / Polish - Does the game feel complete? Are there tons of particle effects, screenshake, tiny details, menus, etc.?
  • Art - Is the game beautiful?
  • Audio - Does the game have juicy sound effects and engaging music? (Adaptive soundtracks get a huge advantage here)
  • Stability - Are there any bugs or errors? Does the game run smoothly, without problems?

And here's what you can win!

Finally, remember to have fun! This jam is ranked, but the most important part of a game jam is to learn something new and come up with a cool idea or two.

Special thanks to my buddy Rudas2 for sponsoring the prize!

Be sure to join my Discord server to chit-chat with other jammers!

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