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Who:  Open to all RMIT Game Students!

When: 10am, 14th to 6pm, 15th of July
We'll be having a bit of an opening presentation to outline submission deadlines and instructions and give a bit of a feel for what happens and the best practices of jamming for those who have never participated.

Where:  RMIT Building 14, Floor 11
Our preference is that participants work from RMIT for the weekend with their teams but if you live way out of the city you can participate remotely and Skype in. You may work by yourself, but it would great to have you around and contributing to the vibe

What?!: We're going to be building video games over the course of 32 hours! Our loose theme is mask, but it doesn't have to be like the ones on the poster. Your game could have metaphorical masks, or use a lot of masking layers, or involve masking tap as a weapon! Do whatever!

We have a Slack group setup here where you can get extra information, ask questions and keep up with announcements for the Jam. Join that here:

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Hot day at the Frozen Fish factory is causing the fish to thaw out, and now they're is angry.
A simple mask themed horror game
Ever wished you could wear someone else's face
Just a small visualizer made for a game jam.