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Rising Jam #1. Theme: Changes.

Welcome to the first Rising Jam! This is a community jam for the members of the Indie Rising community. You have a weekend (submissions are due by 23:59pm GMT on Monday - all times are in GMT) to create a game based on the theme. You'll then have a week to vote for your favourite game based on the criteria. Good luck!

Judging Criteria:

Relevance: How relevant the game is to the theme.

Polish: How well polished the game is.

Synergy: How well the mechanics work together.

Aesthetics: How aesthetically pleasing the game is.

Originality: How original the game is.


#1: Humble bundle key for: Shank 2, Blocks That Matter, BIT.TRIP Runner (1 & 2), Megabyte Punch and Fly'n

#2: Humble bundle key for: Awesomenauts and Thomas Was Alone

#3: Humble bundle key for: Capsized

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A bullet hell game where you control a 3-man dungeon party
You are a cube. An ordinary cube. With no boundaries on cube colour.
A game about mall heists - made for Indie Rising Jam.
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