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Engineers Without Borders + Game Developers = Fun Games for a Great Cause

Announcing our theme for Ripples of Change Game Jam! "Engineering with Water" This could be anything you can think of relating to controlling water, moving water, cleaning water, treating water, etct.... I hope that everyone has a great time participating!

Ripples of Change Game Jam - Theme Announcement from Coy Yonce on Vimeo.

The South Dakota State University chapter of Engineers Without Borders is about to embark on a second journey to Bolivia for the purpose of ensuring that the Unidad Academica Campesina college in Carmen Pampa has access to clean water. When the team at Mantis Digital Arts became aware of this, they set to work thinking of how to bring attention to this great initiative. The obvious answer: a game jam!

Meghan Danielson, the president of the local chapter, explains the goals for their project in the video below.

Ripples of Change Game Jam - Improving Water Treatment in Carmen Pampa from Coy Yonce on Vimeo.


We are looking for developers, designers, artists, composers, and others who are interested in forming teams or working solo to create games or other interactive experiences. The goal of this jam is to bring exposure to what Engineers Without Borders is doing in Bolivia and to bring together the community of game designers for a great cause.

As such, we want you to tell the world about why you're building this game and why you felt compelled to participate. Take to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, whatever social network you want. Tell people in your local coffee shop as you congregate to plan your attack. Mention it to your friends and family. Everyone you tell helps us spread the message farther. If they want to donate, even better. They can click the 'Donate' button on the project's page.

Planning to organize a local event around the jam? We'd love to hear from you.

Games will be Rated on

The relevance to the theme
Providing a unique interpretation of the theme
The amount of fun that players have with your game or experience

What Now?

  1. Stay tuned for the theme announcement at 5PM CDT on June 27th
  2. Form your team or develop as an individual
  3. Create something relevant, interesting, fun, and inspiring
  4. Submit your game by 7PM CDT on June 29th

Want to learn more about the SDSU chapter of EWB?

Connect with them on Facebook
Read about their upcoming trip


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