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Rigid Jam 2: Growth

This jam increases in length each time. The last one was one hour, this one is two, and the next is three.

The goal of the jam is to make a game in two hours that follows the theme as you interpret it.The theme will be voted on in our discord server! Make sure to vote, as well!

Last time we had 8 submissions, which is incredibly good for the first Rigid Jam.

If you can't complete your game in 2 hours, don't sweat it! We will vote on how well you fit your game in the time period, so don't feel too stressed about it. Simply tell us how long it took in the description.

Games should preferably contain a web version, unless that is not possible for you. That is so everyone can play your games!

I hope you all enjoy Rigid Jam! Cheers and have fun making games.


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2d physics-based game, where you need to build really high plant
The relaxing gardening game.
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A simple and fun 2D dpad dodger game!
Help Remo, a candy hungry reindeer to collect candies.
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Don't let infection rise the top
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It comes from the old mine when it rains.
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