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Rigid Jam 19

Voting on Theme

Welcome to the 19th Rigid Jam!
Don't have much time to make a game, but would like to anyway?
We have you covered!


You get two hours

To make a game sometime during the jam, using any assets you need. 

You are not required to produce a playable game, but try to do so if you can.

Have Fun!

 Remember, the main goal of this jam is to have fun, but if you continue to work on your game, that's great!


Remember to join our Discord Server to vote on this jam's theme, or to get information about it. 

Feel free to ask any questions you may have there as well. Good luck!

Jam Winners

You can visit the RigidNetwork website, where we are hosting the Rigid Jam leaderboard!


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you use the arow keys to move the cube avoid the bombs and have fun
Tempo - a chill rythm game
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