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All Aboard Making Rhythm Games

Have you wanted to make a rhythm game? If yes this is the jam for you.

The Theme Is Rhythm. Like osu!, CloneHero & BeatSaber style of games. Rhythmical Elements Can Be Made Into Your Games And Submitted. It Needs Just some RHYTHM!

Game Jam Starts In 10.5.2020 At 12:00 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)

The Submissions Close In 17.5.2020 At 12:00 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)

The Voting Will End In 24.5.2020 At 12:00 EEST ( Eastern European Summer Time)

Is There Any Prizes?

The Prize That You Get Is Your Game. We May Give Some Prizes. But Usually no.


  1. Have fun
  2. You can work solo or in a team.
  3. You can use anything. Any libraries, Engine, Code bases, Source & etc.
  4. You are free to any 3rd party Artwork/Music/Assets or your own assets that you have previously created,.
  5. We strongly recommend you only use assets that you have the legal right to use (Public Domain, things you licensed/created, etc). If you don’t have the right to use something, it is your responsibility.
  6. We require if you use any open-source components, libraries & etc, you follow these license.
  7. Create a game in the submissions time

Thank you for participating! Your games will bring joy to many people.

The event organizers are not responsible to any copyright infringement. The submitter is responsible of everything that the submitter has submitted.

PS The logo was made in a minute

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