Submissions open from 2021-07-23 18:30:00 to 2021-07-31 18:30:00
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Welcome to the Game Dev Bois's first Rhythm Jam. This jam focuses on making a game that has some aspect of rhythm.


The theme will be revealed once the jam starts.


  • RHYTHM - How on-beat is the game compared to the song?
  • FUN - How fun was it to play? Did the game have the right amount of challenge? How high was the difficulty curve?
  • VISUALS - Graphics, atmosphere, and overall look and aesthetic of the game.
  • SOUND - How well the audio and music sounds and how well it fits in with the overall environment of the game.
  • CREATIVITY - How creative was the idea that the game took on? Was it ordinary or extra-ordinary? Did the game developers try something new or take on a different approach to a rhythm game?
  • OVERALL - The overall score of the game.


The Winner of the Jam will get a SPECIAL ROLE on our Discord Server and big swag ๐Ÿ˜Ž


What is a rhythm game?

A rhythm game is a game that includes some aspects of rhythm. There are two main ways to use rhythm in games.

Player Rhythm is testing the players rhythm skills, this includes games such as Osu, Stepmania, Clone Hero, A Dance of Fire and Ice, etc.

Environmental Rhythm is the environment reacting to a songs rhythmic beat, this includes games such as Project Arrythmia, Just Shapes And Beats, No Straight Roads, Geometry Dash, etc

Can I use premade assets, scripts, or ideas?

Yes! When it comes to assets you can use them as long as they follow these guidelines.

  1. The asset is general purpose. (Things like character controllers)
  2. You have the rights to use them.
  3. Write which assets were made before the jam in your description.
  4. Credit any assets you don't own in the description.

As for ideas, you are free to plan out your game before the jam starts.

Can I submit my old game or start working on my game before the jam starts?

The majority of your game should be made during the jam, premade assets are an exception to this and can be made before the jam starts.

This is my first time making a rhythm game, where do I start?

You can start with these design lessons and tutorials to figure out what would make a fun rhythm game as well as how to implement it.

Rhythm Game Design 101

What if we need music?

You can go to our discord server in #team-up to find music artists to work with. Or you can use already existing music by (Lightspeed6)

How much time do we have?

You have a week to create your game and submit it to the jam. After that there will be a rating period that will last another week.

Where can I ask more questions about the jam?

There are 2 main places. You can ask on this server, on #๐Ÿฏcurrent-jam, or you can go to the community tab on itch and ask there! There will be plenty of people willing to help! Lots of people are new to game jams here, and if you are one of them, there are lots of experiences jammers who can answer any doubts or questions related to participating in game jams in general!

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