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Hello, this is the second game jam hosted by the twitter account @BadTTRPGs. It runs from February 1st 12 AM PST through March 31st 11:59 PM PST, Why such a long time? Well because:

The goal of this game is to create a hack of Meguey and D. Vincent Bakers' Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands ( However, the title of your game must have some sort of rhyme with the word Firebrands.

This can be

• A word that rhymes with Fire and ends with brands (Choirbrands)

• A word that rhymes with brands and begins with Fire (Fire Lands)

• A word that has rhymes with both (Desire Hands)

• A slant rhyme on fire, brands, or both (Gruyere Yams)

• You may also make rhymes or slant rhymes with Mobile Frame Zero instead of Firebrands if you wish

• Nobody with the power to remove your game is going to be judging how much of a rhyme is in your title. If you have something that's sort of rhymey and think "Is this good enough?", the answer is "Yes."

• There is no requirement for pricing or not pricing your game. You can charge whatever you wish, make your game pay what you want, or even make it completely free. If you make your game paid, we at @BadTTRPGs encourage you to provide community copies at your own discretion. You can find how to do so here

No bigoted, abusive, or cruel games will be allowed and any entered will be removed at either of the admins' discretion.

So that's two months to make a Firebrands hack if you so desire. If you need inspiration for games, check out Firebrands, The King is Dead, Stewpot, Divine/Mundane, For The Honor, In Dreaming Avalon, Chef's Kiss, and other fine Firebrands games. Also you can follow Meguey Baker on Twitter @NightSkyGames and Vincent Baker @lumpleygames


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It's a good time to be a seabird.
This theater-themed Firebrands hack will have you seeing your name in lights!
A roleplaying game about religion, legacy, and leadership.
a Neo Yokio hack of Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands
A story game about an online community of a mecha anime franchise.