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An open challenge to create a VISION, REVIVAL, or REVISION over an 8-day period. 

All skill levels are welcome, from beginner to professional.

Hosted by 8 Bits to Infinity, a game development community improving creative and technical skills through rapid iteration and honest, critical feedback. Join us on Discord, check out our website, and take a look at our past jams and challenges.

Three Tracks

This jam will have three distinct tracks. Choose one:

VISION / Make a new prototype! Create a vertical slice with the intent to continue when the jam ends.

REVIVAL / Update an old idea or prototype! Return to any project, regardless of its state, and take it to the next level.

REVISION / Showcase your current project's potential! Continue to improve your game over the jam period.


The 100% optional theme is:


This theme is meant for inspiration and can be interpreted however you like, or ignored completely.

Judging and Prizes

When the jam ends, games will be open to rating by anyone who submitted a game. The highest scoring overall game will be crowned Community Choice.

A panel of judges will also rate games based on a rubric to determine a Judges Choice winner.

Winners will receive:

  • The jam-winner role on the 8 Bits to Infinity Discord server
  • A place in our list of jam winners

Rules and Other Information

For more information, see these posts:


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With Child and Without Mercy
Interactive Fiction
Zombie shooting traditional roguelike
Role Playing
Maya leaves her home and life as a lowly baker in search of a greater destiny.
A Small City Builder with minimalistic art
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Seek eggs in a small home
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the gig economy and social distancing in the era of pandemics
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Match the Cube Pieces
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Fight enemy spaceship to the rhythm
What can get better than explosions.. In an arena?
a 80s arcade themed shootem up
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A traditional text adventure.
A 2d Puzzle Platformer
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