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Create absolutely anything and call it a videogame review: painting, collage, digital or physical games, music, dance, photography, recipes, diagrams, toilet graffiti, algebraic equations, nonverbal noises, limericks, lists, sandcastles, etc. Search for possibility in a deeply compromised but enduring and ready-to-hand critical form. What else could a videogame review be and do?

Outlines, prototypes, pen-and-paper notes and unfinished stuff in general are fine by me - I recommend spending no longer than an hour or two on your submission. Any work that advocates or perpetuates ableism, sexism, racism, transphobia or other kinds of discrimination will be removed.  Please email with any comments or queries, but be aware that I'm fitting this jam around other commitments and may take a while to reply.

I'll promote submissions on Twitter using the #reviewjam hashtag. I'll also circulate the tag on Mastodon and Cohost, but will stick to irregular round-ups rather than sharing individual submissions, purely to avoid overloading myself.

Some unscientifically chosen wider reading/viewing/playing materials to bounce off, if you need inspiration:

- Oma Keeling’s painted reviews of Halo: Reach, Townscaper and others

- Isabelle Adena Kestrel’s playable manifesto for a Good Game

- Matt Lees’s review of one room in Destiny for Cool Ghosts

- John Nyman’s grid-based review of Zane Koss’s poetry collection Harbour Grids

- Austin Walker's review of Watch Dogs: Legion

- Pitchfork’s “video review” of Jet album Shine On (might want to just read the video description)

- satandaddy's 1870: Cyberpunk Forever (it's far more than this, but you can interpet it as a review of cyberpunk at large)

- 21 possible definitions of the videogame review, from me (beware milquetoast politics and bad jokes)

- Marina Kittaka's manifesto for divesting from the videogames industry

Some possible points of reference when considering scoring systems, review badges and the like:

The Cooksmarts Flavour Star

Munsell's Colour System

Dante’s Geocentric Cosmos 10-point Virtue Rating Scale

The Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating system

The IAEA's pyramidal International Nuclear Event scale

A State Library of Queensland blog on indigenous number systems

I also recommend searching for analysis and discussion of reviews on Critical Distance.  Hope you have fun! Thanks to the fine folk of SUPERCULTURE for helping me whittle down the concept for this jam, and to various other writers (you know who you are!) for their thoughts on the materials above.


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a simulation of a simulation of the Universal Studios Theme Parks experience
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An analysis that explodes every 2.2 minutes. Can you find all the pieces?
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Review of the STALKER game. This is part of the #reviewjam
Creation is a process of discovery
"I spend a lot of my time talking to the dead, but since I get paid for it, no one thinks I'm mad." - Thomas Szasz
Work with me to make a viewport responsive beautifully laid out visual consumer videogame review.
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