This jam is now over. It ran from 2017-07-09 05:00:00 to 2017-07-16 05:00:00. View 15 entries

We are going to be following the Ludum Dare Jam Rules for the most part available here:
However anything me or the mods says is more important than those rules.

Additional Rev Jam rules include:
Must be streamable (IE nothing that goes against the rules of my chat or Twitch's rules of streamable content and must be able to be windowed so I can get a capture region using OBS Classic)
Must be able to upload to Youtube (IE no copyrighted music or visuals)
BeesMcbees songs from either album are fair game
Any Voice clips from any of my streams are fair game as long as they don't get copyright claims

Not required: Promote the upcoming Vinesauce charity stream JULY 21ST-23RD benefiting the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF) in a tasteful way. Maybe on the credits title screen or end screen.

If you want to help with the set up of the event let me know. Volunteers are appreciated.

The Theme of this jam is: Gremlin
You can use this in any way you would like including the meme from my chat or the small green creature in RPGs.

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Your name is John Bartender, gremlin Ex-Marine. Your mission? Serve drinks.
A short arcade game for the Rev Game Jam
Play in browser
The flash games have fought back and filled your computer with gremlins..... Fight back and take back your hard drive
Extreme Typing Action!
Throw milk at people!
Top Down 2D Stealth Style Game. Brought to you by the makes of almost literally nothing.
Made in about a week for RevJam1 - Gremlins
an epic game about a human gremlin hybrid and his daddy
A game about gremlins and robots.
Defend a ship from evil gremlins!
Play in browser
Made for Rev Game Jam 1. Theme: Gremlins. TheLukker
kusoge by yaki with help from Medamaudee and Punstar!
Role Playing
There is actually no Pizza...
Role Playing
A game in which Gremmy must defend his village.