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Welcome to the "Retro Programmers United for Obscure Systems" second session dedicated to the Exelvison micro computer.

The purpose of this group is to help obscure computers (and other programmable machines) that are not lucky enough to have a consistent software library.

The Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Tandy TRS-80 or Oric all have hundreds of games, even thousands, in their software library. They are therefore not concerned by our actions.

But what about the Sanyo PHC-25, Laser 500, Camputer Lynx, Casio FP-200, COMX-35, Philips VG-5000, Tomy Tutor, etc?

These more obscure computers, almost forgotten by all, were not so lucky.

Their software library are practically empty, and (almost) no one is interested in expanding them anymore!

This is where our group comes in action, by regularly organizing programming sessions to provide these orphan systems with some programs that will allow future generations to be able to run something fun on these platforms.

You don't need to be a programming expert to participate. Any program, regardless its complexity, will be accepted.

This is not a competition, but and attempt to support neglected computers and programmable systems.

The first session (July-September 2022) was dedicated to the Philips VG-5000.
The second one (October-December 2022) is dedicated to the Exelvision EXL-100.

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A nice retro game developed for the EXL-100 and EXELTEL
Dans l'espace, vos torpilles à photons feront « Plouf »
A card game with old computers for the Exelvision systems
Card Game
Puzzle Game pour exelvision
Mini-jeu d'aventure Graphique pour Exelvision
shoot em up pour Exelvision