This jam is now over. It ran from 2016-10-22 23:00:00 to 2016-11-30 00:00:00.

Welcome to the Retro LAN Jam

I am in the process of building an old school retro LAN. I have been playing games such as Red Alert 2 and Starfleet Academy over the LAN and these games work great. I am using thin clients to power the LAN, these are really low spec machines 500mhz, 512MB of RAM and 64MB shared graphics running Windows XP. I have been looking around for indie titles that will run on my LAN but they're few and far between, thus sprouting my inspiration for this jam.

I run a local "geek and gamers" group and we meet once a month. All entries will be played at our meetup, photographs and feedback will be guaranteed. I really look forward to what you awesome people create.

The conditions for the jam are:


  • 1. Your game must be compatible with Windows XP
  • 2. Your game must be multiplayer and able to be played across a LAN
  • 3. The system requirements must be no more than 500Mhz and 512MB RAM.

I am new to this so if I am missing any pertinent information please let me know.

Good luck!