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A neon soaked, blast from the past, 80's inspired retro game jam! This jam is one week long and is centered around 80's aesthetic and culture.


The theme is based around 80's aesthetics, get creative with it! If your unsure what constitutes an,  "80's" theme, then here are a few examples to get you inspired! 


  • Be civil and act respectful towards others
  • Keep the games PG-13ish (violence and gore are allowed, sex and nudity are not)
  • Teams are allowed (try to keep it to 3-4 members max, managing a large team during a game jam can become a nightmare!)
  • Only use assets and code you have the right to use
  • Planning and mockups are allowed before the jam but all code and assets must be made during the jam 
  • All game engines are allowed 
  • Have fun!


Although this is a competition, make sure to have fun above all else! Getting feedback from a broad range of people is a great way to learn and improve in the future. Voting will take place after the jam has ended and will run for one week. Here are the voting categories:

  • Fun
  • Visuals
  • Music
  • Story
  • Theme


Create or find a team to on crowdforge!


Q. Does my game have to be of a certain genre/type?

A. Nope.  All types of games are welcomed!

Q. How do I submit my game?

A. You can follow the normal submission process here. Once you have completed the submission process, navigate back to this jam page and click submit, then select your game. Boom your done!

Q. Can I still submit my game if I missed the deadline?

A. Accommodations will be made for reasonable late submission requests, just be sure to contact me.

Q. Can I make changes to my game after the submission deadline?

A. Yes, but only small bug fixes and such. Just be sure to leave the original file and a change log about the updates you made.

If your interested in my work you can check me out on twitter or

Thank you for participating, have fun!

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A small kind of game, in which a man fights for human kind.
Souls like first person shooter made for Retro Jam.
Robot playing footbag
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The 80's called, they want their laser-knife-weilding dinosaurs back.
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In the 80s, no-one ever said 'Back in the day...'
Synthwave guitar hero clone but way worse.