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Hello, and welcome to Remayke!

This May, roll back the hands of the time and search your archive to find that sweet project you would love to remake, with your current knowledge of game making.

It does not have to be the best project of the world, and you probably will not have time to put out an entire new game. But it will be the opportunity for you to work back on an old project you love, giving it a new lease of life with all the experience you might have stored since. You have one month to make something, whether it is a prototype, a small demo, or, why not, a full game.

Games can either be 100% original, or 100% fan games, mods, whatever. It is up to you to decide what game you want to remake - and how you want to remake it!

Make sure to provide screenshots of the past version of your project!

There is no prize to win, no reward other than spending some time on a project you love.

This May, let's take something from the vault and bring it to the world in a new, revamped look. I hope you will have fun taking part in this! Let's remayke some games!


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REMAKO Visualizer is an intractive, real time music visualizer featuring music from "REMAKO (Final Fantasy 7)"
Play the classic board game here
Proto-prototype for a future Shoot'em Up in which you change dimension.