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#RemakeJam is a game jam where you remake your very first game! 

#RemakeJam invites participants to contextualize themselves and their current state as game-makers by recognizing their past work and how they've grown. Jammers use the duration of the game jam to remake the very first game they created, adapting them to use any new skills, aesthetics, or techniques they developed since they started. In doing so, we hope that jammers can be inspired by how they've grown and evolved as game-makers. 

Rules of #RemakeJam

Right now, there are few rules and guidelines for #RemakeJam

  1. If you have the capacity to radically change the design of an old game in exciting new ways that reflect your current interests, you are encouraged to do so. 
  2. Entries containing any form of hate-speech, abuse, or harassment are not permitted, and will be removed. 
  3. Working on an entry prior to the start of the jam is permitted if the game being remade is of large scope. 
  4. Share your progress to the #RemakeJam hashtag!

Questions? Tweet me @thatkevinwong or check out the community tab! 

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Maybe taking a dump at midnight was a bad idea. Will you be able to escape this haunted General Store?
A two minute vignette about being consumed by stars.
Visual Novel
An outlaw enters a forgotten town to hunt down a desperado.
All about the pleasure of driving
Atomic Age Premium Version
revisiting our first world
A goofy local multiplayer game about defending your village while destroying your opponents.
The demo of an upcoming game, Iode
Play in browser
Platform game
A new Idle Clicker game
War War War! Remake
A quick Free2Play Scifi Browser game.
Interactive Fiction
A deep, 2D fantasy MMORPG
Interactive Fiction