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That's right, we're starting 2023 in style... RELOAD style!

For this jam we sat and thought hard about what we wanted you to do, we battled with engines and themes and mechanics, but ended up sitting pretty on an idea inspired by the likes of Happy Tree Friends and Fairytale Fights!

The games we want you to make over the month should be excessively violent, cheerful and colourful takes on fairytale worlds. Big Bad Wolf getting on your nerves? Why don't you gib him with a gingerbread chainsaw? Perhaps you're just desperate to make a boss fight against Humpty Dumpty where he cracks and cracks until he explodes into a yolky mass of splintered shell. Go crazy... go Jared Leto method acting crazy!


  1. You must either credit or create the assets you use. You must obey licensing agreements and do not steal from commercial products
  2. You must not begin until the 1st of January 2023, this is to allow a level playing field, so nobody feels hard done by.
  3. If your submission is going to be late, we will allow a grace period of exactly one week. Please let us know if this is going to be the case, and we can generate a late submission link for you.
  4. Your game must be a first-person shooter. 
  5. You can work in teams
  6. You can use whatever engine you like. For beginners, we recommend Easy FPS Editor by JessicoChan (there's also a free lite version available).

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Voting will be determined by a panel of judges and winners will be highlighted in a future issue of Reload Magazine.


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A violent throwback to FPS and retro christmas specials
Take the stage. Slay the dancers. Climb the tower.
Cant Spell Slaughter with out laughter!
Time to put an end to this little redhood story once and for all!
Welcome to Candy Land, where the food is sweet and the monsters sweeter in this dark rainbow fantasy retro fps.
Prepare for madness
Defend the castle against the sweet invaders!
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