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There are a lot of jams about starting new projects, and even some jams about finishing projects, but not a lot for those projects somewhere else in the development process. Do you have a game you've been putting off work on? A jam project that never saw the light of day? Something you've finished, but could stand to have a bit of a touch-up? Dust it off and let's get back to work!

The Rekindle Jam has a different focus from most jams: instead of starting something new, revisit an older project and add something to it! You don't have to finish the project by the end of the jam (but you can)!


  1. It must not be a totally new project! Projects in early stages and projects you are still actively working on are welcome.
  2. Digital games, tabletop games, and even non-game projects (tools? zines? a comic?? you name it!) are all allowed!
  3. Before the jam, write down a goal - something small you'd like to finish this weekend. This can be anywhere from one word, to a detailed plan.
  4. At the end of the jam, write a reflection of your work. Did you meet your goal? What did you finish? What didn't you get to? Did you run into any snags along the way?

A few guidelines as well!

  1. Bigoted or hateful content will not be tolerated. This includes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, antisemitism, and harassment.
  2. Please keep all content PG-13! This is an all ages jam.

You can also join us at our Discord Server!


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Puzzle adventure about tending the dead and cherishing the living.
The Catalyst & the Living Bell
Role Playing
Catch the arrows following the rhythm of the music and testing your skills. Are you skillful enough?
SMASH the insects!!
A smol view onto imaginary procedural worlds~
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A retro shoot'em up where you pilot a Star Juggler (Spacecraft)
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