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Hello and welcome to Record Collection 2k19! 

Record Collection is a game jam where we challenge you to make a game that is based on, inspired by, or an interpretation of a music album! Simply pick an album, listen to it, and then make a game that evokes it.

Our Jam Guide Lines are as folllows:

  • Your game must be directly inspired by an album, ep, or other music collection.
  • Your game must include a direct reference to lyrics, song title, artist title, art, or something else that directly points to the record, atleast once in your game.
  • You must include a link to the inspirational music.

Want an extra challenge? Try meeting these completely optional goals!

  • A game meant to be played during the length of the album!
  • A game that only uses the lyrics for the flavor text, no other written material.
  • A game dealing with a bands entire discography.
  • Invert it! A music album about an RPG!

If you have any questions on this game jam, please @ me on twitter @RevRyeBread! Or on discord at RileyHopkins#3582

This game jam is also extremely lgbtqa* and is as inclusive as we can make it, we welcome everyone except bigots. If that bothers you do not bother submitting.


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This Party Sucks is a game about being a queer, trans twentysomething who is (badly) processing a recent breakup.
An abstract scifi walking simulator card rpg
killjoys, make some noise!
a galaxy-building game
a game about escaping space prison.
A two player game of love, uncertainty, and The Underworld
A misty, fantasy PbtA Game
A summoning ritual for 3+
Greek tragedy in the Dustbowl. A Hadestown-inspired game of Belonging Outside Belonging
Age of Winters is a Viking themed TTRPG inspired by the debut album of the same name by The Sword.
A 2-Player RPG of Fast Cars, Desperate Arguments, and Getting Out Of This Town.
A map-drawing RPG of nostalgia and road tripping
a pbp game about screaming at the void with your friends
A one person game about reflection and support.
An RPG about falling in love with a killer robot
a game about immortality, love, and memories.
A Lasers & Feelings hack based on Attitude City by Ninja Sex Party
A tactical role-playing game about Politics and Mecha
A microgame about reconnection
surreal revolution against dreamlike oppressors
The Frantic Songwriting RPG
A one shot heist RPG meant to be played quickly and easily.
You happen upon audiotapes hidden in the floorboards. She’s going to teach you how to beat them.
Free short RPG based on the music of Fiona Apple.
or, the Systems Development Life Cycle and You: A Revolutionary Roadmap
A two player game of compromise.
A two-person game about truth, memory, and the willingness to learn.
A two-player rpg about re-evalution and frozen time
A two-person game about grief.
A two player game about a God and their Follower
A framework for generating folk tales from a deck of cards
A game of isolation, rememberance, regrets, and hope.
A Short Game About Escaping Hell and Giving God A Piece of Your Mind
A Metaphor. A Game About Witches on the Run.
Role Playing
A rip-up storytelling game about making the end of the world meaningful.
A D&D 5E module inspired by P!nk's album, "Funhouse."
A game about love, immortality, and the faire folk for two players, inspired by Hozier’s body of work.
A small, GM-less RPG for 1 or more players inspired by Vessel's Queen of Golden Dogs.
a game about providence
like bad couples therapy, but a game.
A tabletop RPG inspired by Avril Lavigne's debut album "Let Go".
A game about getting to bed
A solo tabletop game that gives you things to think about, while you can listen to some motherf$%&ing deathmetal
This is a game about your hometown, leaving it, and coming back.
a game about rocking demons' faces off.
A game about PASSION and ROMANCE inspired by the good song of TWO TRUCKS by Neil CICIEREGA.
Role Playing
A game about High School, Musicals, and Rolling Numbers
A single-player game of revolution
A game about objects and shared history.
A 2-4 player RPG about seeking a lost love
a two person rpg about longing from a distance.
a two player rpg about Us and Them
maybe you woulda been something I'd be good at
interactive fiction inspired by the ep 'garden' by penomeco.
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
storytelling card game about tangled lives in a small town
a game of retold stories
Sing your heart out to stop Great Evil!
This is a game about concluding a story we don't know about yet.