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Welcome to the third Really Retro Jam! Here are the rules of this edition of the jam:

1) Use 2 to 8 colors on your palette, but use only these values for the RGB values. (0,  63, 127, 191, 255)

2) Use only ONE of these pixel resolutions - 64x32, 64x48, 96x32, 96x64, 128x32, 128x64. Upscaling is allowed!

3) Regarding the sound: the more retro the better! If you're a composer or are dev'ing your games with the help of one, I'd recommend one of these softwares for maximum retroness: Beepola, 1tracker, Vortex Tracker, Arkos Tracker (or any other software that allows you to make similar music/sfx).

4) Any game engine is allowed, as long as the rules are properly followed!

Good luck!