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This is the second Really Retro Jam.

The rules to this jam are as follows (please DO make sure your game follows them):

1) Use only a palette of FOUR colors for all graphics.

        (you can use this site here ( to find 4-color palettes to use)

2) Use ONE of these pixel resolutions for the game window and stick to it as best as you can (the pixels CAN be scaled up for clarity):

        > (width x height) [32x32] [48x32] [48x48] [64x48] [64x64] [96x64] [96x96] [128x64] [128x128]

3) The more retro the sound, the better!
        (just a personal suggestion, not mandatory: 1-bit sound, as with the Beepola and 1tracker chip-tracker softwares).

REMEMBER: Any game engine may be used, but these rules above need to be followed in order to stick to the "really retro" feel of the jam.

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Are you man enough to kill Baby Hitler?
Interactive Fiction
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An incredibly tiny roguelike. Fight creatures, level up, and vanquish the warlock!
You're stuck on an uninhabited island and there is nothing to do.
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