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Welcome to the Really Difficult Jam! In this game jam, you are expected to create a difficult game. You can make a platformer, top down shooter, first person shooter, etc. It is up to you!


- The game has to be difficult (the whole point of the game jam)

- You CAN use preexisting assets/sprites as long as you made them

- You CAN use preexisting code as long as you made it

- You can start your game at any time (even before the jam starts)

- You CAN submit more than one game

- You can work with by yourself or with a team

- You can submit your game for any platform

If your game is good or bad, you still made a game! Be proud of what you make. There will be no voting, but you can leave a nice comment on other submissions. You can make whatever you want, as long as it is difficult! Have fun, and try to finish a game. You can start as soon as you want! GOOD LUCK!

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Convince a bunch of cantankerous, half drunk Dwarves to build you a palace
Game made in 12 days for the really difficult jam!
Bad turrets is a minimalist bullet hell game, The game is really simple, test your reflexes and dodge the bullets.