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Raspberry Pi's are everywhere, and they are awesome… What they need though, is more indie games!

Robot Loves Kitty is Kickstarting the GameKid! a Raspberry Pi powered handheld retro game console.

We want to bring more games to the GameKid, and to the Raspberry Pi. To encourage more devs to try out the platform we're hosting the GameKid Raspberry Jam on from 9/13 to 9/20 and you can be sure Robot Loves Kitty will be taking part and livestreaming the whole time! When we're done there will be a new handful of games ready to be launched right from the RetroPie menu!

What are we looking for? Games that...

For more info about how to setup a game to run from RetroPie, check out our blog post here:

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Save the Kitties from EVIL SKELETONS
The best remedy for a splitting headache is a pill
Play as the snake. But it's terrible.