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Welcome to "Games on the Go" a mini challenge hosted by the awesome and fantastical Rainbow Jam group. I know there are a few questions on what this is all about so I'll provide all of the information on both the mini challenge and on Rainbow Jam itself below. Please feel free to join us for our monthly Rainbow Jams and interact with our amazing community of creators via our Rainbow Jam discord server or by joining our latest jam, the Lucky Rainbow Jam.

Challenge Accepted!

Its time to take our play on the road with not only Rainbow Jams first tabletop mini challenge but with a sense of compact play. That's right its time that the little Rainbows take on making a card game!

Creators and game devs must create a card game that is easily put into a players pocket, can be learned quickly, and allows for replay-ability. The game can have NO MORE then 5 card types, and the deck can have NO MORE then 15 cards total AND MUST follow all of the rules of a normal Rainbow Jam (1 - your game must focus on Queer and/or minorities OR the experiences of those groups and 2 - all games submitted have to be created during the current Rainbow Jam mini challenge).

Rainbow Jam Rules

So therefore there are only two rules to Rainbow Jams : 1) your game must focus on Queer and/or minorities OR the experiences of those groups and 2) all games submitted have to be created during the current Rainbow Jam. You can do prep work leading up to it, in fact I encourage it. Prep away! HOWEVER you may not start work on the actual design or the game itself until the jam starts.

You don't have to finish the game to submit it. Unfinished works or demos are allowed, encouraged, and accepted! Completing the work for the jam isn't a requirement just creating one is.

What are Rainbow Jam Mini Challenges?

As a growing community RJ Mini Challenges were created in order to supplement the need for a more condense, more challenging burst of creativity in between normal Rainbow Jams. These mini challenges can range all over the place from the ridiculous, absurd, laughable, brain teasing, face melting and more. They are meant as a way to challenge ourselves to coming up with a game that answers the call of bringing diversity into the realm of games given a difficult set of parameters in the time it takes to binge watch a show on Netflix (ie a weekend). These creations are then opened up to the public for ranking and we see who gets to claim the title of RJ Mini Challenge Champion, however temporary that may be. The basic rules for these challenges are the same as a normal Rainbow Jam with additional stipulations added as required.

What are Rainbow Jams?

Well that's a fair questions. Rainbow Jams are my answer to being annoyed at not hearing Queer and minority stories. Its my answer to wanting to see more games created by those same people. We do exist out there even if people whisper about our mythical and magical unicorn powers. And I'd like to see more of us reflected in games, and as game creators. So from now on I will be hosting a Rainbow Jam a month to help fuel that avalanche of creation of games that better reflect our community. Its time for some games #ByUs4Us !