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Theme: "Fresh start"

What is this jam?

This is a game jam. Actually not specifically a game jam. As a Rainbow, this jam is full of variations, which is why this jam isn't specifically for making only games! This is also for people who doesn't make games.

In this jam we don't care about the art, we care about the colors. As long as the colors are beautiful, your sprites doesn't need to ;D

Discord Server:

Not a game dev?

In the Discord server, there will be a submissions channel, for anyone who doesn't make games, where you can submit whatever madness you have made ;D 

Game dev!

But for those who DO make a game for this jam, you HAVE to make the game special. It has to be creative, and most importantly, it HAS TO BE  C O L O R F U L! 

More info please

You are free to use any pre-made/online spites, anything you have legally downloaded, or got from someone, you can work in teams up to 4 members,if any questions, ask me in the discord server!(or in the community) and as always, do NOT submit a game made before the submission date!

That's basically it my dudes, you don't need more information, and if you do, then ask in the community, or in the discord server! ENJOY MY DUDES! and a happy new year btw...


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