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Hey Peeps!
It's that time again, get your team together and Create a game in the next 7 days.

The Theme for this week is "Getting Over It Inspired". Basically you need to create a game based on the concept of "Getting over it". A B-Game that involves difficult, yet achievable mechanics. Created with strange styled assets. 2D, 3D Text Based.... It's completely your choice. Even a voiceover involving your philosophy on rage games would be awesome.

Da Rules:

  1. Team Size Limit: Infinite
  2. Third Party Assets may be used.
  3. The Game must be made within the given time constraints.
  4. At least 50% of the games assets must be yours.
  5. Submissions must be .zip or .rar
  6. Submissions must be playable on Windows 10.
  7. I'm not one to get offended at voiceovers, but keep it relatively clean for the youtube audience who might take offence. (If applicable)

So those are the rules. If you have any questions you can visit the Discord Channel.


  1. Originality: This favours everyone, coming up with a unique game is paramount to sticking out from the crowd.
  2. Creative Gameplay: Programmers, try to come up with gameplay that freaks us out!
  3. Innovative Levels: Modellers and/or Artists, create some assets and levels that really compliment the gameplay.
  4. Engaging Philosophy: Writers and Voice Actors, your time to shine. Here you can create stories that push your Rage Game views.
  5. Sound Design: Musicians and Foley Team, add that final touch of audio to make your game come to life.

Hopefully the criteria favours every team member, but also caters to what makes "Getting Over It" a great game.
Enjoy the Jam everyone, look forward to some great submissions.

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Getting over it with a Fish
Shoot, upgrade and platform your way up to reach the other side.
Flapping Over It - a rage game
So haxxed you'll need to build it yourself.
Rage game jam submission
The game download is currently broken. :/
Psycho Ex girlfriend Mayhem
Help the Platypus deliver his 250 friends up to the top of a mountain.