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Best package:
Racket code generator for Vulkan by Sage Gerard
This is a Racket package that generates Racket bindings for Vulkan. Use this for next-gen game engines, simulations, and research applications. The source code is available on GitHub along with detailed documentation.

Best Retrogame 
Two winners because Terminal Phase combined retro shoot-em-up with terminal graphics, but C64 robotfindskitten utilises the Racket asi64 asembler to create a C64 game - that is also a roguelike/zen-simulator. Both are amazing!

Terminal Phase by Christopher Lemmer Webber
Terminal Phase is a space shooter that runs in your terminal!

C64 robotfindskitten by Ross McKinlay
An implementation of the classic robotfindskitten “Zen Simulator” and is written in my Racket-based 6502 assembler, asi64

Best Boardgame
Racket-Onitama by Dustin Wagner
A great Racket implementation of the popular Onitama boardgame.

Best Puzzle Game
Groovee by tjm25225
Stay in the groove!

Honorable Mention
RacketTown by Hendrik Boom
Urban landscape generation library!


Welcome to the 1st Racket Gamejam. 

The task is to make a game in a Racket language.


  • Who can enter: anyone, any skill level - beginners welcome.
  • Help: You are encouraged to ask for help or guidance. (see Discussion/Community below)
  • Teams: you can enter as an individual or in a team.
  • Must be written in a Racket language. You may use any #lang you want. 
  • Full games, game components or tools are all acceptable entries. e.g. tile editor, game map editor, procedural content generator, etc.
  • RacketScript or Urlang acceptable if you want to target javascript. 




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The boardgame Onitama implemented in Racket
Stay in the grooves
Generate Vulkan bindings for Racket