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This Jam is about finding out what it means when you roll ALL your dice!

The Quixotic SRD is the ultimate tool to get as many dice as possible into your hands - but it doesn't tell you what it means when you roll them! There is no resolution mechanic, not even a suggestion, nothing! This is where you come into play! Help us see all the possibilities of reading our dice!


  • Create your explanation of how to interpret your dice roll
  • Keep it simple - after all, the Quixotic SRD is keeping it simple
  • No bigoted content - and yes, if you are not sure if your idea is bigoted, it probably is
  • If you want to stick to the design of the SRD, you can find the Dice-Background on the SRD page
  • Have fun!

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A Quixotic SRD Game of Romancing Monsters
Narrate a tale of terror with your coven of friends using this divination guide
An overly complex dice game about telling stories
Write your dicey story one handful at a time
A logic rolling game to play with a lot of dices
A diceful of trouble
A small roleplaying game about awful rich people at a party.