Submissions open from 2023-06-26 23:02:09 to 2023-12-31 05:00:00
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my entire brand is "trans people" and "time loops" so i decided to take one for the gays and make a queer time travel jam.  bonus points for c/ptsd style time travelers. (shoutout to my bitches.)


  1. the devs must be queer. up to you if you want to add trans /  gay elements to your submission tho
  2. there must be time travel
  3. 18+ violence / sexual content / trauma ENCOURAGED, but not mandatory, and please be respectful and TRIGGER WARN for any such content
  4. any form of game / narrative / art / music / zine / hybrid is APPROVED as long as it centers time travel as a main mechanic / focal point


  1. CONTENT THAT ENCOURAGES/PROMOTES/CONDONES (SEXUAL) PREDATION WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. for godssake have some sense. of course, in a traumatic work, speaking from experience that survivors of such trauma frequently are real-life time-travelers, of course the last thing i want to do is silence you. HOWEVER, even if you are a survivor of violence, i will not permit your game submission if it encourages/promotes/condones the type of such violence that creates such "travelers"